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Master the art of clarity, confidence, & community with a clear brand strategy so you can finally take your creative passion full-time.

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you're Ready to make your mark

On the world. On paper. In a book. On a canvas. In a photograph.

And I'm ready to help you build the business and brand that will help you do just that.

The business that will help you make money from the thing you love the most.

The brand that will help your audience know and love you for it.

And how will we do that?

Brand strategy.

Mark Your Mark is the mastermind you’ve been waiting for. Over the 10-week program, you're going to craft a clear brand strategy that will give you the confidence, clarity, and community you need to build the creative business of your dreams.

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Need a brand strategist, business magician, creativity champion, and your biggest cheerleader in your back pocket for three whole months?

You've already got the creative genius,  unstoppable ambition, and life-changing goals.

But if you want to build a successful, full-time, creative business, you need three things:

Confidence, clarity, and community

master all three with the make your mark mastermind

This mastermind is a 10-week group program for a maximum of 5 creators who are ready to take their passion to the next level and turn it into their full-time profession.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll craft a brand strategy that will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want from your business and life, where you envision your creativity taking you, and how to make that shit a reality!
  • Become the confident creative CEO you know you're destined to be so that you can *actually* make it happen like a boss!
  • Understand and embrace who you are so that you can build your dream business that's unlike any other, and be yourself the whole damn time
  • Outline offers that you can't wait to create, and your audience can't wait to buy!
  • Craft a crystal clear brand that communicates all that magic to your audience in the most irresistible, unstoppable way
  • Learn exactly how to attract, engage, and delight your customers or clients to build a community of people who love and support your brilliant work!

And ultimately, build an aligned business that you love, your audience loves to support, and allows you to do what you love every day.

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But... is this for me, Hollie?

This one’s for the makers 
of the world

If you’re thinking, “Oh snap, that’s me!” I see you...

  • ceramicists
  • artists
  • jewellers
  • knitters
  • fashion designers
  • illustrators
  • calligraphers
  • sculptors
  • rug makers
  • crocheters
  • hand letterers
  • printmakers

...and on and on

You wanna bring your ideas to life, sell your goodies, make moolah doing what you love, build your community, make a name for yourself, create more, change your life. Let's do it.

Looking over Hollie's left shoulder, Hollie's hands are arranging six pieces of paper with designs on them to create a moodboard. All of the designs are black, white, and orange. She's holding a black pen in her right hand and there is a pair of scissors on the desk.

This one's for you if...

You've been creating for a while, on the side or in your spare time, but you've been dreaming of being a full-time creator and you're freaking ready to make it happen!

You know that it's time for you to start taking your passion seriously and treat it like a professional business. You're ready for an all-round level up, in yourself, your business, and your brand.

You believe that a full-time creative business is fully doable, but you need someone who's been through it to show you the ropes and give you the confidence and clarity you need to make it happen.

isa adney, author

"Working with Hollie will inspire you and remind you that this is real and that your voice matters."

ready to build a complete creative business?

Here's what we'll cover

brand strategy consultant and coach hollie arnett working on a client project

Module 1: Confidence

Want to build a successful creative business? Start *treating* your passion like a successful creative business, and owning your position as the badass boss who runs it all. In order to create the business of your dreams, first we've gotta get you confident in who you are, what you're all about, and what makes you stand out!

You'll smash module 1 & move on with the mindset of a confident, CEO creative!

I guarantee it, and here's how we'll do it:

Week 1: Know your why
Week 2: Embrace your uniqueness
Week 3: Become your own brand

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.

Module 2: Clarity

This is the ultimate game-changer. We'll get clear on your why and craft the core messages of your biz so that both you and your audience will know exactly what you're about, what you offer, and why you're such a dang fab creative. You'll clarify your brand, your business, and your brilliance!

You'll roll out of module 2 with a brilliant business plan and biz-changing brand strategy!

Sound good?! Here's how we'll get there:

Week 4: Uncover your identity
Week 5: Outline your offers
Week 6: Master your messaging

brand coach hollie arnett laughing with a client

Module 3: Community

The road to success comes in three parts: attract, engage, and delight. This, my friend, is the strategy you'll learn and implement in order to get your work in front of as many eyes as possible, help them fall in love with you and your work, and wow them so hard that they keep on coming back!

You'll leave module 3 with a go-to strategy for finding & keeping your dream customers!

Heck yes! Here's your roadmap:

Week 7: Attract your audience
Week 8: Increase your engagement
Week 9: Delight your die-hard fans

In a magical mastermind format!

This is an intimate program limited to five creatives just like you.

That means that not only will you learn all of this goal-smashing goodness, but you'll also get insanely valuable 1:1 support from me full of feedback, accountability, and a whole heck of a lot of cheerleading along the way!

Your investment

Pay in full

USD $1000

One-time payment of USD $1000

Payment plan

USD $335

Three monthly payments of USD $335

I’m here for the makers. The creators. The artists.

You're talented, passionate, and you're sick of feeling stuck because you know you're made for more. Your work is made for more.
You're made to be next level.

what's in the (virtual) goodie box?

brand strategy consultant and coach hollie arnett working on a client project


These weekly trainings are designed to teach you *exactly* how to build the creative business of your dreams. I'll walk you step-by-step through my Make Your Mark model across 9 lessons and give you everything you need to make it happen!

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.


You need someone to keep you accountable, so you actually DO THE THING, right? Yes. This is key to make sure you get the stuff done.

Enter – the weekly mastermind. Every week we check-in, discuss the training, answer any questions, and workshop whatever we need to.

Stuck? Need help? We do it all!

brand coach hollie arnett laughing with a client


You deserve a little 1:1 time, friend!

First, you'll have a 1:1 call before we kick things off so we can get to know each other and set you up for success!

Mid-way through the program, we'll get together for a private coaching session to chat about where you're at, what you're working on, and how I can help you move forward.

brand strategist hollie arnett


Oh oo-la-la yes, we just got exclusive and yes, you can sit with us. In here you’ll be able to chat with your four fellow Make Your Mark members and yours truly! Conversations, celebrations, feedback, and accountability galore!

P.S. Also a bunch of GIFs. You’ve found your people.

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.


Now I KNOW you love a good workbook, because who doesn’t? It’s the stationary of coaching. This is a step-by-step action plan with all the goodies you need to implement and outwork your incredible training.

Action shot of Hollie with hair moving in the wind. Hollie has medium length black hair with a full fringe, she is wearing clear framed glasses, and smiling. She wears a bright orange & pink knit sweater.


Because I know you’re going to love the community vibe and extra branding help!

Hollie looking directly at the camera, smiling. She has medium length dark hair and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange & pink knit sweater and has bracelets on her wrist. She is brushing her hair away from her face.
And me?

I'm a creative just like you!

A rectangular wooden wedding sign leaning against the window inside a white caravan with the words "It's always better when we're together" in white calligraphy in the centre. There is green ivy draped over the sign.
Hollie stands in front of a gallery wall wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. On the wall there are six of her black and white hand-lettering artworks which say, "The time is now," "love," "go," "yes," "stay true," and "she designed a life she loved."
Hollie is standing at a table with a grey, concrete wall behind her, wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. There are four students sitting around her at the table listening to her teach.

My goal in life is to spend my days coaching creatives and working on my own creative practice: hand lettering & typography.

My love of letters is ingrained in my DNA - my Dad and Granddad were both printmakers by trade, working with type to layout newspapers, books, and magazines.

I inherited their passion and throughout my design degree, 
letters were my freakin’ JAM. I even went back to uni to teach typography to other students, taught my own typography 
and lettering workshops, had exhibitions of my work, and sold my prints online.

As a creative with an art practice just like you, I understand everything about the creative process and the journey of turning your passion into your profession.

Now it’s my mission to help you do just that and teach you from a place of experience, understanding, and empathy. Trust me, friend – I know where you’re at, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

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So, ready to make your mark?

ooo Hollie, I'm in!

Still need to know some things? Well let me whet your whistle a tad.


Make Your Mark is a 10 mastermind program that includes weekly training and group coaching PLUS real-time feedback, community, accountability, personalised support and planning. You won’t ever get stuck with Make Your Mark, I’m here to guide you (in person) through every step, and so are your fellow creatives!


The next cohort starts in February 2021 and runs for 10 weeks.


Boom! Instant access to the Make Your Mark Member Hub, which is the hub for all of our weekly training, downloadable resources, links to group coaching calls, instructions for submitting your work for feedback, and more. And there’s access to the private (did someone say exclusive) Slack group. I’m in there chatting away, answering all your questions throughout the program.

Since we don't get started until February, I've got some things planned to get us fired up and ready, and you'll have access to the Creators' Brand Club in the meantime!


Lifetime access, across unlimited devices.


You bet – it’s all yours. Now and forever. Log in to the membership site to access any and all parts of MYM, whenever you want.


Oooo I feel you on this one! Time is a precious thing for entrepreneurs wearing all the hats, all the time.

But you know how you spend hours designing material for your products? Deciding whether or not your Instagram grid looks ‘on brand’? Worrying whether your business looks good enough to be taken ‘seriously’? Flitting between this style and that style - concerned whether any of it is really representing you in the first place? Wasting time on branding worries?

This fixes that. You’ll never be ‘uhm-ing’ or ‘ah-ing’ about your brand or business ever again. These 10 weeks, with hands on guidance, will leave you with a crystal clear brand that you and your audience love love love.


Send it my way here.

Pepper raccoon, artist

"Hollie inspired me to take my career seriously on another level that I had never really thought about"

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