Hollie, a brand strategist, is standing in front of an orange background wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. She's holding an Apple pencil between her nose and top lip like a moustache.
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I'm gonna help you take your business up a notch. Or four.

You’re busy creating, bringing your dreams to life, doing *all* the things, and need to take your brand to the next level.

That’s where Maker & Moxie® comes in.

Y'all ready for this?

‘Allo there. I’m Hollie

(I’m originally from England, so you have to say that one with your best British accent).

I'm the smiling face you’re seeing plastered all over this site. I’m a graphic designer turned brand strategist with a big ‘ol love of all things branding, and nope, I can’t take a serious photo to save my life!

Fast Facts:

My days are spent fawning over the things I love, like fantasy novels, french bulldogs and hand-lettering.

I’m a Total Brand Geek. So much so that I have my original business logo tattooed on my arm (along with many other tats!)

I have a freakin’ knack for helping creative entrepreneurs SHINE (if I do say so myself!)

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And me?

I'm a creative just like you!

A rectangular wooden wedding sign leaning against the window inside a white caravan with the words "It's always better when we're together" in white calligraphy in the centre. There is green ivy draped over the sign.
Hollie stands in front of a gallery wall wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. On the wall there are six of her black and white hand-lettering artworks which say, "The time is now," "love," "go," "yes," "stay true," and "she designed a life she loved."
Hollie is standing at a table with a grey, concrete wall behind her, wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. There are four students sitting around her at the table listening to her teach.

My goal in life is to spend my days coaching creatives and working on my own creative practice: hand lettering & typography.

My love of letters is ingrained in my DNA - my Dad and Granddad were both printmakers by trade, working with type to layout newspapers, books, and magazines.

I inherited their passion and throughout my design degree, letters were my freakin’ JAM. I even went back to uni to teach typography to other students, taught my own typography and lettering workshops, had exhibitions of my work, and sold my prints online.

As a creative with an art practice just like you, I understand everything about the creative process and the journey of turning your passion into your profession.

Now it’s my mission to help you do just that and teach you from a place of experience, understanding, and empathy. Trust me, friend – I know where you’re at, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

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the maker & moxie vision?

Make the world a more creative place, one brand at a time

My mission is to help creatives build their brands, grow their audiences, and share their work with the world so that together, we can see this vision come true. More creativity, colour, and joy in the world? Yes please.

the maker & moxie manifesto

The things we hold close

Be creative, live creatively, practice creativity.

I'm a coach, a teacher, and a cheerleader, but at the heart of it all, I'm a creative just like the amazing people I work with. I'm alive to create, and I create to feel alive. I will always be creative, live creatively, and practice creativity.

Bring a little magic to everything you do.

I believe that no one is you and that is your power, and that applies to me too! I have a unique brand of magic that makes working with me a one-of-a-freaking-kind experience. I'm all about surprising my clients and adding wow moments along the way. I will always bring a little magic to everything that I do.

Give. Give. Give some more.

None of this protective, secretive, gatekeeping for me, no siree! What's mine is yours (when it comes to knowledge, that is!) and I'm here to help creatives grow their brands however I can. So I'll always teach what I know, go above and beyond, and I will always give, give, and give some more.

Be creatives’ biggest cheerleader.

I 100%, wholeheartedly believe in community over competition and I'm here to build the best, most badass community of creatives the world has ever seen. I'm all about championing, celebrating and cheerleading the HECK out of creatives, and doing whatever it takes to help creatives succeed and believe that they will succeed! I will always be creatives' biggest cheerleader.

Never stop learning – you’ll never be finished.

I am committed to giving my clients the best, most relevant support possible, and to do that, I need to constantly learn new things. I believe that if you think you know everything, you really know nothing, and that the more you know, the more you realise how much you don't know. I will never stop learning, because I'll never be finished.

Are you a creative entrepreneur?

If it’s you, you’ll already know it. You’ll feel it in your gut.

So grab your camera. Or your laptop. Your pen. Your tools of choice.

Bring your passion. I’ll bring mine.

Let’s create a magical brand that you’re proud of.

Let's go!
Hollie's hand is holding an Apple Pencil to draw on an iPad Pro sitting on a white desk. There is a black iPhone and two black pens on the desk too. Hollie has a black ampersand tattoo on her wrist.
But First,

A Quick PSA

This brand strategy coach, aka me, likes to have fun.

There's going to be dorky references, perfectly-timed GIFs, and a creative
take on everything. You'll not-so-secretly love it.

sound good? let’s do it.