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Action shot of Hollie with hair moving in the wind. Hollie has medium length black hair with a full fringe, she is wearing clear framed glasses, and smiling. She wears a bright orange & pink knit sweater.

Maker & Moxie – Brand Strategy & coaching for Creators

Build your brand.
Share your work.
own your moxie.

moxie (noun);

courage, determination, guts, attitude, spirit.

You've got it all. Whether you know it or not. All creatives do.
Let's find it & share it with the world!

if you’re a creative & you wanna

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Reach more people & get your work
in front of more eyes.

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Feel confident sharing your art with your ideal audience all around the world

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Keep creating, writing, drawing, designing, capturing, illustrating, speaking, making.

Then Hey. Hello. Welcome to Maker & Moxie! This is where you belong.

Get going with these goodies!



Get informed

Hollie sitting behind a desk looking at a laptop, she has medium length dark hair which is down, and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange and pink knit sweater and is leaning on her hand.

Your go-to guide for all things branding!

From strategy, to design, and everything inbetween, the blog's got all the info you need to know to build your brand, share your work, and own your moxie!

read away!


Get inspired

Hollie sits behind a desk in a white room, looking directly at the camera and smiling. She has medium length dark hair with a full fringe, her hair is pushed over one shoulder. She has a white microphone in front of her, and some stationery on the desk.

Ready to feel like, "finallyyyyy! Someone else gets it!" Oh, and get some freaking powerful inspo, tips & motivation along the way? Then get listening!

Gimme those eps!


Get started

The torsos of two people can be seen sitting behind a desk, looking at an iPad and gesturing. One is wearing bright pink & orange, the other wears white. There is a glass of pink wine and a notebook on the table.

Simply the best! Better than all the rest!

The best downloads, workshops, and challenges are in here.

downloads await!

I'm incredibly glad that you’re here

A big, nerdy, over-the-internet high-five to you!

I’m Hollie, founder and brand-geek of Maker & Moxie.

I want to help you create the brand of your dreams, and we’re going to do it together. Starting today.

Because there’s nothing better to me than sharing more creativity with the world - except maybe endless cups of tea.

(How great would that be though?!)

Meet your new Brand Coach
Hollie looking directly at the camera, smiling. She has medium length dark hair and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange & pink knit sweater and has bracelets on her wrist. She is brushing her hair away from her face.

Brand Coaching Services

Unlock your moxie!

Mini Moxie

Hollie sitting behind a desk looking at a laptop, she has medium length dark hair which is down, and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange and pink knit sweater and is leaning on her hand.

one-off 1:1 coaching

Boost Your Brand Sessions

Need an expert opinion? A refocus? A fresh perspective? I'm here to help. Let's get together for a power hour and put together an action plan to boost your brand.

book your call today

Moxie Multiplied

Hollie mid laugh facing the camera, sitting with a masculine looking person who looking at her out and of focus in the image. Hollie has dark hair, a full fringe and her hair up in a bun. The masculine person has on a white t'shirt and has dark hair and facial hair.

group strategy

Map Your Brand Magic

Craft a strategic map to finding and sharing your creative magic with the world over 6 weeks in a group. It's strategy, support, and some new pals!

Join the mybm waitlist

Maximum Moxie

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.

1:1 Brand strategy

Unique, Aligned, Adored

Your custom brand roadmap for building a business you love. It’s 1:1 and all done for you - you, me, and your brand are gonna get real close!

apply for 1:1 now

I'll find my moxie myself!

If you're a creator ready for some clarity around your brand, and you've been WAITING for a bite-sized, more affordable way to get your hands on the goodies inside my noggin, these products are purpose-built for you! 😘⁠

These resources have got all the deets, prompts, and inspo I share with my brand strategy clients, all rolled into handy dandy packages! ⁠

start branding your creative biz now!
Hollie sits behind a desk, in this full length image you can see her legs crossed under the desk in dark trousers and black boots. She has dark medium length hair and a full fringe. She wears a bright pink & orange knit sweater and clear framed glasses. There is stationery on the desk.

Let’s brand your passion together

The Brand Your Passion Podcast is the show that helps you turn the thing you love the most into something that people know and love you for.

If you’re ready to get more eyes on your work, more dollars in your pocket, and more creativity in your life, you’re in the right place. Welcome! This is how we’re going to do it. Let’s brand your passion.

Listen to the podcast


Client Love

"If you're thinking of working with Hollie, I only have one piece of advice: DO IT!"

– Alex Hawkhead

"Hollie will inject you with all kinds of amazing energy and positivity, and cheerlead you the whole way. I cannot recommend working with Hollie enough, she’s fantastic."

– Pepper Raccoon

"Hollie's resources are just so kickass and have really provided me with the motivation to actually get shit done!"

– Louise Beryl

"Working with Hollie has changed the course of my business forever"

– Amie Finlayson

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The Blog

read the latest

I wanna read more!

dieter f. uchdorf said...

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

I feel it. Do you?


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