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Uplevel your brand, unleash your creativity, & unlock your potential in business.

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The world needs you to be confident.

Confident in yourself.
Confident in your work.
Confident in your dreams.

Because a confident creative is a force to be reckoned with.

A force powerful enough to stir emotion, start conversation, and stand for better.
A force that can change perspectives, lives, and whole worlds.
A force that brings you to life.

Because the life of a creator can be whatever you want it to be...

Days spent drawing. Afternoons authoring your novel. Mornings making ceramics. Weekends working on your website.

Making a living doing what you love. Getting paid for your passion. Building a business from your best work.

I know you dream about it. I dreamt about it too.

I made it happen, and now I'm here to help you to do the same!

You bring the creativity, I'll bring the clarity & cheerleading.
Together we'll make you one confident creative.
Together we'll build the brand, business, and life of your dreams.

so How do we do that?

coaching, baby!

I've got you covered with...

The torsos of two people can be seen sitting behind a desk, looking at an iPad and gesturing. One is wearing bright pink & orange, the other wears white. There is a glass of pink wine and a notebook on the table.


No more aimless messaging, random posting, or confused visuals for you, my friend. Nope, we're going to create a strategic plan for your business together that will get more eyes on your work, people in your community, and creativity in your life. Clarity = confidence!

Hollie sitting behind a desk looking at a laptop, she has medium length dark hair which is down, and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange and pink knit sweater and is leaning on her hand.


You and I both know that without  accountability it's too easy to forget about your brand. I'm here to help you regularly work ON your business, not just IN it, so you're always actively working towards your dream creative life, one step at a time, with me by your side.

Hollie mid laugh facing the camera, sitting with a masculine looking person who looking at her out and of focus in the image. Hollie has dark hair, a full fringe and her hair up in a bun. The masculine person has on a white t'shirt and has dark hair and facial hair.


Maybe imposter syndrome is kicking your ass, self-doubt is rearing its ugly head, or you think your dreams are impossible. But not with me by your side. This cheerleading gal is ready to show you that your dreams are possible, your art is valuable, and you are more than capable of achieving your dream life.

Need a brand strategist, business magician, creativity champion, and your biggest cheerleader in your back pocket for three whole months?

oh hells yes!

what's in the (virtual) goodie box?

1x 90-minute kick-off call

Every creator and their business are different, so coaching should be too. My approach isn't one-fits-all, it's 100% custom to you based on who you are, what your goals are, and where your at. This kick-off call helps us get to know each other so we can make that happen, & celebrate you investing in yourself and your future!

12x 60-minute weekly calls

A.K.A your fav time of the week, these calls are the core of your 1:1 coaching experience. We get together on Zoom to workshop your brand, take action on your business, make big mindset moves, and make a plan for achieving your wildest creative dreams. I'm here to listen, coach, and teach you whatever you need to know!

weekly action steps

IDK about you, but if something isn't written down on a to-do list, or noted in my calendar, it doesn't exist and it doesn't happen. And sometimes it's hard to know what you're even supposed to put on that list! Not anymore – each week I'll give you an actionable list of things to do or implement that'll get you step-by-step closer to your dream!

private slack access

I know what you're thinking, "but Hollie, once a week is NOT enough for me! What if I need you outside of our coaching calls? AH!" Well have no fear, Slack is here! You can message me anytime outside of our coaching calls with questions, queries, ideas, struggles, celebrations, and anything else that's on your mind. (Even if it's just about how cute french bulldogs are!) I'm there!

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.

unlimited feedback & support

You know those times where you're working on something on your own but you have no idea if it makes sense, you're missing something, or if it's any good at all? Sound familiar? Well you don't have to do that anymore. Now you'll have a handy dandy brandy gal at your beck and call for all the objective, strategic feedback, and pep-talks you'll ever need, whenever you need it!

Your investment

Pay in full

$5000 USD

One-time payment of $5000 USD


Payment plan

$1665 USD

Three monthly payments of $1665 USD

Lock me in, hollie!

I’m here for the makers. The creators. You're talented, passionate, and want to share that talent with the world. You also want to make a living from it – so let’s make it happen!

"hollie inspired me to take my career seriously on another level that I had never really thought about"

Hear Pepper's story here

because you're worth it...

And so is your work!

Each 1:1 coaching package is customised to suit you, your work, and your business.

Depending on where you're at with your brand and business, we can cover anything including but not limited to:

• Clarifying your vision, mission, and values
• Pinpointing & understanding your ideal people
• Defining your brand's vibe and visual direction
• Finding & finessing your brand's voice
• Identifying unique selling points, personality & positioning
• Crafting key messaging and copy
• Planning how to promote and grow your brand
• Strategising your brand's social content
• Creating a plan for your products & services
• Putting together a business plan
• Working on your mindset
• Designing visual brand assets such as logos & font suites

We'll work together to decide what topics to cover and foundations to focus on in order to achieve your goals!

Omg yes! I need this!

Here's to three months of clarity, confidence, creativity, and loads of contagious laughter!

(cause I promise to make it fun AF!)

omg I can't wait to see you kicking ass

this gal wants to be there when you...

From the small wins to the massive milestones, I'm here with you every step of the way! I can't freaking WAIT to help you dream up those goals, make a plan for them to happen, and celebrate so hard with you when they happen!

I can't wait! Sign me up!

And Me?

I’m a creative just like you!

A rectangular wooden wedding sign leaning against the window inside a white caravan with the words "It's always better when we're together" in white calligraphy in the centre. There is green ivy draped over the sign.
Hollie stands in front of a gallery wall wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. On the wall there are six of her black and white hand-lettering artworks which say, "The time is now," "love," "go," "yes," "stay true," and "she designed a life she loved."
Hollie is standing at a table with a grey, concrete wall behind her, wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. There are four students sitting around her at the table listening to her teach.

My goal in life is to spend my days coaching creatives in this business you're checking out now, and working on my own creative practice: hand lettering & typography.

My love of letters is ingrained in my DNA - my Dad and Granddad were both printmakers by trade, working with type to layout newspapers, books, and magazines.

I inherited their passion and throughout my design degree, 
letters were my freakin’ JAM. I even went back to uni to teach typography to other students, taught my own typography 
and lettering workshops, had exhibitions of my work, and sold my prints online.

As a creative with an art practice just like you, I understand everything about the creative process and the journey of turning your passion into your profession.

I'm a multi-passionate creative who has built brands, made money, grown audiences, and run multiple businesses from my passion. I live and breathe this shit, and I'm living my dream creative life right now.

Now it’s my mission to help you do the same, and teach you from a 
place of experience, understanding, and empathy. Trust me, friend – I know where you’re at, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

guess what?

You already have what it takes to achieve any of your creative dreams.

You just need to believe that you do.

And I'm here to help you do that.

With clarity, clear direction, and courage out the wazoo.

Hollie sits behind a desk, in this full length image you can see her legs crossed under the desk in dark trousers and black boots. She has dark medium length hair and a full fringe. She wears a bright pink & orange knit sweater and clear framed glasses. There is stationery on the desk.

but first, Can I tell you a story?

One of my recent clients, Alex, came to me with an idea.

A dream.
A goal.
A passion.

A hope that one day, she could build a business out of her love of printmaking.

That was what Alex dreamt of doing, in an ideal world, that she wasn't even sure was possible.

And at this point, that's what it was – a dream.

Now, after working together 1:1, that dream is a reality.

Bad Print Club launched with an incredible, inspiring brand, and sold out of the first run of prints.

This is what this program is all about. Turning dreams into reality. Turning passions into professions. Turning the thing you love into something you can make a living from.

IDK about you, but when I started my business, that's all I could think about. Dreaming of getting paid for my passion and doing what I love every day of my life.

You too?

Omg yes! I need this!

don’t believe me?

hear it from Alex herself

“Without Hollie I would still be floundering and looking for purpose in a mad scramble of ideas. She's helped me make sense of what I want to do and how I can actually achieve it in this lifetime. If you're thinking of working with her, I only have one piece of advice: DO IT!”

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$5000 USD

Uplevel your brand, unleash your creativity, & unlock your potential in business.

Ready to take your side-hustle seriously? Make your fav thing full-time? Brand your passion? Then let's do this thing!

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