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The creative branding lab for artists and makers who are ready to grow their audience, attract new customers, and get business building opportunities on repeat.

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You've got a creative business that you're passionate about, but right now…

You’re feeling frustrated that your audience isn’t growing, especially when you’re doing all the “right” things

You find yourself changing your branding all the time to try to upgrade things but you’re not sure if it’s right or works

You see other artists selling out and succeeding, and wonder what you’re doing wrong

You’re waiting and hoping for that one break or viral moment to help your work take off, but right now you feel invisible and like you’ll be waiting forever

You know branding is something you should be doing but you’re not sure how important it really is or where to start so it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list

You’re reading my mind, Hollie!

Here’s what’s really going on:

branding coach for creatives hollie arnett smiling

Your band-aid brand is slowing your growth.

Right now, you’re doing quick band-aid fixes to your brand…

Playing with colours and fonts one day…changing your website the next…And it’s not coming together to build a clear, engaging, or memorable experience that people want to come back to.

This means people love following your brand one day, but feel confused the next. Your socials seem polished but your website looks like an afterthought. Your product is great, but the packaging was disappointing.

Every day your brand feels disjointed is another day you miss out on building an audience, securing exciting opportunities, attracting and keeping loyal customers.

It’s time to fix all of that!

The Next Level Creative® Method teaches you how to build or revamp your brand from start to finish, from each individual piece, to the entire big picture.

You’ll be able to learn and get support on everything including: brand strategy, brand identity, marketing strategies, and creating repeatable systems that help you sell to more customers without more stress - all in one place.

Say goodbye to second-guessing your brand and business. Your brand becomes your guide for everything you say, create, and do to grow your audience and bring in more customers.

brand coach hollie arnett working on a client's brand strategy

Once you have a Next Level brand…you’ll be able to build a creative business where:

Your art brings in consistent revenue so you can have creative freedom, knowing you’re financially stable, secure, and only growing

A growing community of fans love your work, buy from you regularly, send other people your way, and celebrate your creativity

You’re consistently being approached for brand-building opportunities beyond your wildest dreams that continue to grow your business

You have a show-stopping, standout brand that you’re so proud of you can’t wait to tell everyone you meet about what you do and show them where to check it out

You feel confident achieving your goals with a step-by-step roadmap to follow so you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there – no more waiting for success to find you!

And most importantly, you’re making the things you want to make in the way you want to make them, and feeling great doing it.

Yes, please!

Introducing The Next Level Creative®

The creative branding lab for artists and makers who are ready to grow their audience, attract new customers, and get business building opportunities on repeat.

next level creative mastermind program course materials

A 12-month program for artists and makers who are over scrambling to be seen and are ready to start establishing a sustainable, stable, celebrated  business that encourages and enables the creative freedom you’ve been dreaming of all your life.

You’ll walk away with a brand that you’re proud to share, helps you stand-out as an artist, and brings in consistent sales for your creative business.

Here's the plan!

Here’s how we take your brand from “ehh” to adored!

Hollie mid laugh facing the camera, sitting with a masculine looking person who looking at her out and of focus in the image. Hollie has dark hair, a full fringe and her hair up in a bun. The masculine person has on a white t'shirt and has dark hair and facial hair.

Suss out your brand

Craft a brand strategy with our signature Map Your Brand Magic course so you can get clear on everything that makes your brand one of a kind, and make a plan for how you'll share that with the world.

Here, you'll suss things like your:

  • Goals
  • Vision & mission
  • Values
  • Approach
  • Voice & message
  • Ideal customer
branding coach hollie arnett writing in a notebook

Show off your brand

Design a unique identity that shows off your brand in the best, most wow-worthy ways! This is how you're going to stand out, snag your customers' attention, and shout from the rooftops that your brand is next level.

You'll create things like your:

  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Font Suite
  • Photography
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Website
  • Packaging
brand coach hollie arnett discussing a client's brand strategy

Share your brand

Start sharing your work with the world by marketing your business and getting opportunities that work for you AND your audience, so you can grow like never before.

We'll work on things like your:

  • Goals
  • Platforms
  • Pillars
  • Funnels
  • Content Calendar
  • Visibility Strategy
  • Email marketing
Hollie sits behind a desk in a white room, looking directly at the camera and smiling. She has medium length dark hair with a full fringe, her hair is pushed over one shoulder. She has a white microphone in front of her, and some stationery on the desk.

Scale up your brand

When you've sussed out, shown off and shared your brand, the last thing to do is scale that bad boy. And that means putting systems and strategies in place to help you KEEP taking your brand to the next level again and again.

This includes things like:

  • Guidelines
  • Templates
  • Processes
  • Automations
  • Hiring
  • Outsourcing

You'll walk away with...

A clear brand strategy that helps you and your audience understand exactly who you are and what you're all about so you can move forward with clarity and direction

A wow-worthy brand identity that reflects who you are and attracts your ideal audience so you can stand out and show off your work in the best way possible

‍A custom marketing strategy that works for you and your audience so you can share your work in a way that feels good to you and actually grows your business

And sustainable brand systems set up so that you can continually take your creative business to the next level because you have the processes, people, and automations you need to support your growth.


The Next Level Creative has everything you need to build a stand-out brand that grows your audience, brings new opportunities, and attracts customers on repeat.

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This one’s for the makers 
of the world

If you’re thinking, “Oh snap, that’s me!” I see you...

  • ceramicists
  • artists
  • jewellers
  • knitters
  • fashion designers
  • illustrators
  • calligraphers
  • sculptors
  • rug makers
  • crocheters
  • hand letterers
  • printmakers

...and on and on

You wanna bring your ideas to life, sell your goodies, make moolah doing what you love, build your community, make a name for yourself, create more, change your life. Let's do it.

Looking over Hollie's left shoulder, Hollie's hands are arranging six pieces of paper with designs on them to create a moodboard. All of the designs are black, white, and orange. She's holding a black pen in her right hand and there is a pair of scissors on the desk.

Creatives don’t follow trends. We set them.

You won’t find cookie-cutter strategies or chase-this-trend methods inside The Next Level Creative.

(Yes, you can say goodbye to jumping on every platform, posting 10x reels a week, or creating memes to stay relevant with events. Phew!)

This is a community of creatives - which means you already have the eye for what makes a clear, engaging, and memorable brand.

The strategies inside will support you to play to your strengths and use your creativity to stand out wherever you are - even off of social media!

You’ll learn how to leverage your creative talents into creating a brand that attracts a raving fan-base, builds a community of customers, and opens exciting new doors for your creative business.

You’ll be able to build a brand that will help you attract customers now - and support the growth of your creative empire over time.

what's in the (virtual) goodie box?

brand strategy consultant and coach hollie arnett working on a client project

4 Signature Courses

You'll work through 4 signature Maker & Moxie courses designed to help you suss out, show off, share, and scale up your brand. These courses will teach you everything you need to know & show you exactly what to do to take your brand to the next level.

Hollie sitting behind a desk looking at a laptop, she has medium length dark hair which is down, and a full fringe. She is wearing a bright orange and pink knit sweater and is leaning on her hand.

Weekly asynchronous Q&A

Whatever you're working on, there are bound to be questions. Each week you can ask me any questions on your mind and get personalised answers that you can address and implement in your own time so you can always keep moving forward.

branding coach hollie arnett writing in a notebook

Resources Galore

You'll get access to the whole library of Maker & Moxie resources, including any future resources that are created during the mastermind! That means templates, workbooks, databases, guides, automations, and more!

brand coach for creatives hollie arnett discussing vision statements with a client

Personalised asynchronous feedback

You'll be able to send me (and your fellow creatives) your work throughout the mastermind. Need advice on your audience, comments on your content pillars, or musings on your mission? You send it through, I'll work my magic, and we'll crack it together!

brand coach hollie arnett laughing with a client

Private community

Throughout the process we'll have a private community to connect in. You’ll be able to chat with your four fellow members and yours truly! Conversations, celebrations, ideas, and inspiration galore! P.S. Also a bunch of GIFs. You’ve found your people.

Birds eye view image of a desk with a notebook an iPad, with two people's hands pointing to the iPad screen.

Bonus trainings & workshops

I'll also be hosting regular planning workshops, sharing live streams, and bringing in guest experts to supplement my teachings. You'll get exclusive access to any and every bonus event throughout the mastermind! It's like christmas all year round!

Get started today for…



USD a month for 12 months or $1800 in total

  • 12 months access
  • 4 signature courses (Brand strategy, design, growth, and systems)
  • Asynchronous coaching
  • Asynchronous feedback
  • Private community
  • Guest AMAs
  • Resources galore
  • Quarterly & annual planning sessions

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Don't just take it from me!

Hear it from pepper

"Hollie inspired me to take my career seriously on another level that I had never really thought about"

Yes – you get immediate access!

And answers to other great questions!

When does the program start?

There's no official start date! You get instant access as soon as you enrol and can start building a brand that'll take your creative business to the next level straight away!

What happens once I join?

First, we'll both do a celebratory boogie! Then you'll get instant access to your Circle hub, which is the home for all of the trainings, resources, and the community. I’m in there chatting away, answering all your questions and celebrating your successes throughout the program.

Will I get direct access to Hollie in this program?

Yes! I’m in the community directly answering your questions, sending feedback on your work, recording Private podcast episodes, sharing resources, running events, and everything in between! If you wanna learn from me, The Next Level Creative is the place to do that.

What will the guest AMAs look like?

When we have a guest Ask Me Anything session, an expert come into the group for a day and you’ll get to ask them as many questions as you have about their area of expertise via chat throughout the day. They’ll give you their expert advice, feedback and guidance so you can learn and take a new area of your business to the next level!

I don’t think I’m ready for The Next Level Creative

That’s okay! If you’re still not ready, you can check out my freebies and DIY products in the Maker & Moxie shop here.

Can you give me a rundown of what’s included again?

For sure! Depending on the tier you choose, you’ll get access to The Next Level Creative Curriculum, the private Circle community, asynchronous coaching, asynchronous feedback, Bonus workshops, Guest AMAs, resources galore, and quarterly and annual planning sessions!

Why is the feedback and coaching asynchronous?

So that everyone can get their questions answered and work reviewed no matter where they are, what their circumstances are, etc. Nobody misses out, and you can engage whenever works for you, on your own time, in your own way, at your own pace.

I’ve been in programs where the calls are all at like 2am my time and then I have to scrub through hours of recorded calls to find answers that are relevant to me. No thanks. Not in my program. Your time is precious and I wanna honour that! You ask your question or submit your work whenever you have it ready, I’ll get back to you, and that’s that! Then anyone else can then easily search in the group for your question when they’ve got the same problem and find I’ve already answered it, without having to watch hours of old coaching calls! It’s a win-win!

Do I need any pre-requisite branding knowledge before joining this program?

Nope, not at all! I’ll introduce you to everything you need to know and guide you step by step through the exercises and lessons so you’ll know how to do it all! Plus, you’ll have me there by your side in the group, so I’m just a message away if you’ve got questions!

Send it my way here, or DM me on Instagram @makerandmoxie.

And me?

I'm a creative just like you!

A rectangular wooden wedding sign leaning against the window inside a white caravan with the words "It's always better when we're together" in white calligraphy in the centre. There is green ivy draped over the sign.
Hollie stands in front of a gallery wall wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. On the wall there are six of her black and white hand-lettering artworks which say, "The time is now," "love," "go," "yes," "stay true," and "she designed a life she loved."
Hollie is standing at a table with a grey, concrete wall behind her, wearing a black t-shirt and black glasses. There are four students sitting around her at the table listening to her teach.

My goal in life is to spend my days coaching creatives and working on my own creative practice: hand lettering & typography.

My love of letters is ingrained in my DNA - my Dad and Granddad were both printmakers by trade, working with type to layout newspapers, books, and magazines.

I inherited their passion and throughout my design degree, letters were my freakin’ JAM. I even went back to uni to teach typography to other students, taught my own typography and lettering workshops, had exhibitions of my work, and sold my prints online.

As a creative with an art practice just like you, I understand everything about the creative process and the journey of turning your passion into your profession.

Now it’s my mission to help you do just that and teach you from a place of experience, understanding, and empathy. Trust me, friend – I know where you’re at, I’ve been there, and I’m here to help!

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USD a month for 12 months or $1800 in full

  • 12 months access
  • 4 signature courses (Brand strategy, design, growth, and systems)
  • Asynchronous coaching
  • Asynchronous feedback
  • Private community
  • Guest AMAs
  • Resources galore
  • Quarterly & annual planning sessions

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