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Wanna know if you're gonna love our brand of magic? Hear it from the makers who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt. They've been through the whole shebang, and they're sharing their stories with you!

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Amie Finlayson

Digital strategist

“Working with Hollie has changed the course of my business forever.”

Pepper Raccoon


"Hollie inspired me to take my career seriously on another level that I had never really thought about"

Rachel Rennie

brand voice strategist & writer

“Honestly, it was the best investment in my business that I made last year.”

Alex Hawkhead

illustrator & printmaker

“Without Hollie I would still be floundering and looking for purpose in a mad scramble of ideas. She's helped me make sense of what I want to do and how I can actually achieve it in this lifetime. If you're thinking of working with her, I only have one piece of advice: DO IT!”

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