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12 of the best 2024 planners for creatives

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A new year coming up means many things, but most excitingly for creatives, it means an excuse to buy a new planner! But finding the perfect one with the right balance of practicality and style is an art in itself. To help you choose the right one for you, I’ve gathered a selection of planners that I’ve used, been recommended by other artists on Threads, and been coveting myself, so that we can all find the perfect planner together!

Made of Tomorrow

This is the planner I’ve been using all throughout 2023 thanks to my Mother in Law graciously gifting me one for Christmas and to be honest I’ve loved it! It’s missing some of the bonus bells and whistles of some of the fancier planners that I would appreciate, like goal setting sections, a weekly task list, and more room per day because I write a lot! But if you’re looking for something simple and impactful that saves coffee cups from going to landfill, then this is a perfect option and one I’d definitely recommend.

Get your Made of Tomorrow Planner


I mean, aren’t we all already Frankie stans? Frankie magazine always has the cutest patterns, illustrations, and overall vibes, and I’m a huge fans of the monthly wall calendars that come with each of their issues, so when they put out their planner every year I am always tempted! It has a super cute design with simple, pre-set up layouts that will give you all the basics. There’s not nearly enough room for each day for me, but it might be perfect for you, especially if you love a maximalist, illustrated  theme for your planner!

Froth over the Frankie Planner


Frank Stationery are a New Zealand brand who do a huge range of different products, including yearly planners. They have a weekly or daily option in two different styles for each, and the daily version is actually the planner I used last year. If you’re like me and write a bunch, the daily planner is perfect, but the weekly is a great alternative if you don’t need as much room. I found that I didn’t use the daily gratitude, quote or productivity scale on each page, so it was kind of wasted space for me, but you might! The best thing about Frank is that they donate a schoolbook to a child in need with every purchase, so you can get your life in order and feel good doing it too.

Nab yourself a Frank planner


If you’re someone who wants a bit more flexibility in your planner, you might find Bullet Journalling works for you. This is a system where you set up the layouts for your planner yourself, and use a series of dots and shapes to indicate tasks, events, and other items. This is cool because you can make your planner completely customised to your style and needs, and it can be as simple or complicated and intricate as you want it to be! The downside to Bullet Journalling is that it requires that setup, but if you enjoy the creativity and/or calming nature of putting it together, it can be an amazing system. I did it for a few years and really enjoyed it. The best notebooks for this are the dot grid Leuchtturm1917 notebooks.

Check out the Leuchtturm notebooks

Full Focus Planner

The Full Focus Planner is a big step up in functionality and cost, but if you’re looking to go all in on setting and tracking your goals in 2024, this could be the one for you. This planner is based on a complete Full Focus System, that works over 3 months, and covers everything from your self care to daily rituals and everything in between. You’ll need to repurchase one every quarter, or you can sign up to their subscription so you don’t forget and can save some money in the process too!

Get set up on the Full Focus System

Hobonichi Planners

I don’t know about you, but since I started looking into different planners, my TikTok feed, YouTube suggestions, and Instagram explore page are now full of Hobonichi planners. They’ve taken over! These Japanese notebooks come in a range of different formats, shapes, and styles, making them super customisable to you and how you like to work. The Hobonichi Cousin seems to be the most popular, featuring monthly, weekly, and daily spreads, with room to make them your own, and a range of cover options to customise them to your style preferences. One creative who I talked to on Threads about these did mention that while the paper is beautiful, it is quite thin, so they didn’t love how their pen could be seen on the other side, so that might be something to consider if you don’t like that either!

Explore Hobonichi planners

Circle Planner

The Circle Planner is one that I saw recommended by a fellow creative, Liz Mosley, on Instagram. This one was developed with a clinical psychologist to create a sense of achievement and positivity, and has a lot of interesting features that I think loads of people would find really helpful! Habit trackers, daily and weekly focuses, weekly to-do lists, time blocking, goal setting, and monthly reviews are all elements that take a planner to the next level and make it a tool you’ll value so much more than just a place to jot down your tasks. You can also buy stickers that are made for this planner which is a fun bonus!

Check out the Circle Planner


I love Mossery’s planners for so many reasons but mainly because they collaborate with different artists to create the covers, so each one is unique, celebrates creativity, and can be customised with your name too! They also lie flat which is a huge plus for me, and you can choose from two weekly layouts: horizontal or vertical, based on which works best for you. Plus there are a bunch of extra features like space for inspiration boards, your values, quarterly trackers, monthly reviews, and more. I’d highly recommend checking these out if you’re looking for a really well designed, creative planner this year!

Browse Mossery's collection


Appointed have a range of different planner formats depending on what you are looking for, each coming in multiple colours, and all in a simple, classy style to suit the minimalists among us, or those of you who like to make your planner your own. They also have a quiz that tells you which planner is right for you, so if, like me, you can’t decide, they’ll help you make the right choice!

Get your Appointed planner

Hustle Sanely Planner

If you really want to get your shit together in 2024, this planner might be the one for you. The Hustle Sanely Planner has everything you could ever need to plan and track your goals and progress throughout the year, from priorities to habit trackers, affirmations, goals, routines, recurring tasks, reflections, vision planning, and so much more. You’ll be able to keep all of your dreams, goals, and tasks together in one place with this planner, so if that sounds like what you need in your life, check this one out for sure.

Head to Hustle Sanely to take a look

Day Designer

These planners are for people who love everything to look pretty. Your Instagram feed will look like something out of a catalogue with these on your desk because the patterns are super elegant! They come in two formats: daily, and weekly, and you can get each of those in the classic or mini sizes. Inside there’s loads of room for planning with plenty of handy features like top priorities, daily prompts, to-do lists, schedules, and space for gratitude. If you’re looking for a bit of glamour while you get shit done, this is the planner for you.

Take a look at the Day Designer Planners

The Happy Planner

I have seen nothing but rave reviews for the Happy Planners! They come in such a wide range of designs and themes, that there is something for everyone and bound to be one perfect for you. Each planner’s features, layout, and design are slightly different based on the theme, but all are customisable to suit your needs, and come together in a unique, disc-bound centre. I found the best way to find the right planner for me is to browse the 2024 planners and use the filters to narrow down to the ones that would work for what I’m looking for.

Find the Happy Planner for you

Those are just 12 of the many planners out there available for creatives. If you have any more recommendations, I’d love to hear them! Share them with me on Threads or DM me on Instagram @makerandmoxie or let me know which of these you end up purchasing. Happy planning, pal!

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December 4, 2023

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