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The Power of Personality: Why You are Your Brand's Best Asset

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As a solo creative selling your own work, you are your brand. You are often the sole person behind everything that you do - your marketing, your products, your services. You are the visionary and the creative force behind what you do.

When people follow your brand, engage with you, buy from you or support you, they are here for you. They’re here for your work and your story. They love your personality, they connect with your values, they’re on board with your vision and mission, they’re all about your creativity and they’re inspired by what it is that you do. Your personality and who you are has so much power - it’s your brand's best asset.

If you’re ready to power up your brand by sharing your authentic, unapologetic self, then read on and let’s talk about how to build that incredible connection with your audience!

Know, Like, Trust

For people to buy from you, they need to know you, like you and trust you. 

  • Know - To get to know you, people need to know who you are, what you do, what your story is and what you’re about.
  • Like - People start to like you by connecting with your personality and understanding why you do what you do.
  • Trust - Once people know you and like you, they start to trust you and want to support you by buying, subscribing, joining - whatever it is you do!

How do people grow to know, like and trust you? By connecting with you. 

The Statistics of Connection

People connect with people.

A study from Sprout Social found that 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them. As a person, they want to connect with another person - and that person is you!

They also found that when customers do feel connected to brands, more than half of them will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from that brand over a competitor.

This means that if you are connecting with your audience and building that personal relationship with them, they’re going to be more loyal to you and they’re going to keep coming back to buy from you on the regular.

70% of customers also report feeling more connected when the brand’s CEO is active on social media. Spoiler alert - you are your brand’s CEO! As the head honcho of your business, people are going to feel more connected to you when you are active, open and personable on social media and they can get to know your personality.

The study also revealed the top 2 ways that customers define feeling connected to a brand:

  1. Trust in the brand
  2. The brand’s alignment with their own values

All of these statistics really boil down to this - being the amazing, wonderful, talented and unique person that you are is your brand’s super power

The Power of You

Owning who you are is what’s going to propel your brand forward, because more people will feel like they know you, will start to like you and will grow to trust you. Not only that, you’ll also feel way, way better when you can be your whole, true, wonderful self instead of feeling like you have to pretend to be someone else. It’s a win-win! 

The other aspects of your brand might capture someone’s attention, but at the end of the day, it’s your personality that keeps people around, not your pixel-perfect feed. Your story, creativity and everything about you is what’s going to make your audience support you time and time again. 

The Lesson

You are your brand’s best asset, because people care about your personality, story, mission, vision and values. People want to connect with you, and they can only do that if you are willing to be authentically, unapologetically you. 

Figure out who you are, own that shit, and share it with the world. 

Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there, owning your personality and being who you are, because the people who value that are going to love every minute of it.

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May 19, 2021




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