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5 of the best branding & marketing podcasts for artists, makers & creatives

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Wanna grow your brand? Love listening to podcasts? You are in LUCK!

There are SO many amazing podcasts out there on branding and marketing, but I wanted to narrow it down to some that are specifically designed for YOU.

Podcasts hosted by people who are on a mission to help creatives build and grow their brands.

Podcasts that are tailor-made and custom-curated with you, your dreams, and your specific set of struggles in mind.

Podcasts that are gonna help you skip the fluff that’s not for you and get straight to the good stuff that’s gonna help you take your creative business to the next level!

So that’s what this list is! Let’s dive in.

Building your Brand by Liz Mosley

Through her decade of branding and design experience and with the help of her guests, Liz shares top tips around branding and marketing to take the fear of selling and help you in building your brand.

Liz has had some amazing guests on her podcast, hosted some super fun challenges, and shares tonnes of incredible value from her experience as a designer. You’re bound to learn loads from her and her guests in any episode!

Brand Builder’s Lab by Suz Chadwick

Featuring podcasts on all things business branding and marketing, Suz steps you through how to play a bigger game, create a bold brand and achieve the things you really want in business.

Suz is an expert in all things visibility, so if you want to grow your audience and get known for doing what you do, then you can’t go past Suz. You’ll learn something new in every episode, whether its a solo Suz episode or you’re lucky enough to get a two for one with one of her guests!

Creator Club by Katie Steckly

The Creator Club podcast, hosted by Katie Steckly, is a workshop-style show dedicated to teaching creators and entrepreneurs the latest strategies for social media marketing and content creation.

If I listen to anyone when it comes to social media and content creation, it’s Katie. Katie and her team at Creatorly Media are the experts and break everything down in the most easy to understand, open-book way. Katie will tell you everything you need to know and show you exactly how to make it happen, so if you wanna create content, make sure you’re listening to Creator Club.

Super Creative by Catie Dawson

The Super Creative podcast delivers candid convos with inspiring women who are thriving in creative business. They talk about creativity, strategy, productivity, marketing, success, failure, fulfilment, health, happiness, and everything-in-between.

Another Catie, this time with a C, and this time talking all things creativity with the most inspiring women you ever did meet (or listen to!) Super Creative is the perfect listen if you’re looking for that boost of inspiration to keep going and dream big. The women on this podcast have and are continuing to achieve incredible things, and getting to hear how they’ve done it is something we all should be thanking Catie for! Definitely recommend giving it a listen!

Brand Your Passion by Hollie Arnett

If you’re ready to get more eyes on your work, more dollars in your pocket, & more creativity in your life, you’re in the right place. This show helps you use branding & marketing to turn the thing you love the most into the thing people know and love you for.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own podcast in this list! Brand Your Passion alternates between educational episodes teaching you how to build and grow your brand, and inspirational episodes interviewing creatives about how they’ve built and grown theirs! If you are wanting to brand your passion and take your creative business to the next level, this is the podcast for you and I would love to invite you to listen.

Which will you listen to first? And who did I miss? DM me on Instagram or mention me on Threads and tell me your fav podcast so we can all listen and grow together!

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October 10, 2023

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