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Choosing The Right Content Platforms | Grow Your Brand’s Social Media Presence Without the Overwhelm

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When it comes to social media, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to be on all the platforms all the time. Not only is that really overwhelming, it’s also not a good use of your time and resources! 

The most effective way to build your brand’s social media presence is to be on one or two of the perfect places where your customers and clients are hanging out and to build a really strong presence there - no freaking out, no selling out and no feeling icky about where you’re at. 

Now that you know you don’t have to be doing everything on every platform all the time, let’s talk about which platforms you can choose from and how to decide which are the ones for you.

Macro & Micro Platforms

A great place to start is to use one macro platform and one micro platform. 

Macro Content

These are bigger, longer-form pieces of content that can be broken down into smaller pieces. For example, a blog post, podcast, video or newsletter. Macro content has more information, more detail, bigger impact and usually takes more time to create. 

Micro Content

These are smaller, more bite-sized pieces of content. They’re not as long-lasting as macro content and are generally quicker for you to make and quicker for people to digest. Micro content is usually found on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or TikTok. 

Start by choosing one platform for each of these types of content. For example, you might have a YouTube channel and an Instagram - these are two great ones to start with because you have a place to grow your long-term brand, expertise, reputation and to fulfil those longer-term goals, and also a place to grow your community and audience. 

Choosing Your Platform

What are your goals? 

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and is going to be better for different goals than others. Deciding on your goals is going to help you choose which platform is going to be the best one for you to achieve them. 

Here are just a few examples to get you thinking: 

  • If your goal is visibility, TikTok might be the place to be since it’s a great platform to reach a whole bunch of new people. 
  • If your goal is engagement, Instagram has a lot of tools designed just for this, such as polls, quizzes, comments, saves and more. 
  • If your goal is connections, LinkedIn could be where you hang out to connect with people there. 
  • If your goal is sales, Facebook Shop may be the platform where you decide to grow that. 

Where are your clients or customers spending time? 

There’s no point posting on LinkedIn every day if none of your target audience are on LinkedIn. Choose platforms where your clients and customers are spending time so that you can maximise the power of the content you’re creating, as well as the reach and impact of your brand. 

What types of content do you like to make? 

  • Do you like making short written pieces of content, like quick captions? 
  • Do you like making long-form written content, like in-depth research articles? 
  • Do you like talking on audio recordings? 
  • Do you like making videos? Are they short and snappy or are they long? 

Each different platform is going to make the most of your favourite ways to create content, so think about what you enjoy creating and which platform is going to be best for that. 

If you hate making videos, then YouTube’s not going to be for you. You won’t enjoy it and you won’t be making the best kind of content you can make. On the other hand, if you love making videos and you feel natural and authentic talking on video, then a video platform is a great place to start! 

What platforms do you enjoy being on? 

Choose a platform that you value, love to hang out on and have fun creating content on, because that’s going to allow you to enjoy creating your content, growing your community and building your brand on these platforms. 

There are so many content platforms out there that are each amazing in their own way for the purpose they serve - you don’t have to be on all of them. Choose the ones that are right for your brand, are going to move you forward and that you’re going to have a great time using. 

I can’t wait to see you creating content you love on the platforms you know are just perfect for you!

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August 4, 2021





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