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5 ways to grow your creative business with quizzes

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Stuck on how to scale your business? Sick of the same old sales techniques? So over PDF downloads for opt-ins? Well, there's a new tool in town, and it's here to help you grow your business in a bunch of different ways. Introducing... QUIZZES! AKA your new biz bestie.

We recently created an Interact quiz for Maker & Moxie and it's been so much fun. It was great to create, added some interactivity and engagement to our products, and has been so exciting to see helping creatives in their branding journey. It's been so good in fact, that it's made me want to quizzify everything! I've been thinking about all the different ways we could incorporate quizzes into our business to help us grow and wanted to share them with you too so you can give it a go as well! Plus, I'll show you exactly how we're using our first ever quiz to give you some inspo along the way.

5 ways to grow your creative business with quizzes

1. Grow your email list

The most common use of a quiz is as a lead magnet or opt-in for your email list. Instead of a PDF or discount code which as often used to get people on your email list, a quiz is a fun, unique, and engaging way to get your audience to sign up to your newsletter. Plus, the fab thing about a quiz, is that you can then send custom, tailored emails and offers to your subscribers based on their results! So if you're an artist and had a "what interior design style are you?" quiz for example, you could send them the perfect prints from your shop that would work with their decorating style! The options are endless.

2. Drive sales

While you can use a quiz to get people on your email list and nurture them slowly over time to get them to buy, you can also drive sales directly on your website to engage and guide customers while they're shopping. Maybe you've experienced this on a beauty website where they have a quiz that might tell you "what moisturiser is perfect for your skin type" that then links to that product for you to purchase. You can do the same! Take a look at your products and see how you could make a quiz to recommend the right one to your customer!

3. Generate client leads

If you don't have products, don't fear! Quizzes can be fab resources for service-based businesses too. They can make the enquiry and onboarding processes super easy and engaging for potential and new clients. You could use a quiz as a way to audit a client's business or help them figure out which service they need, for example. I'd recommend listing the current steps of your client enquiry  and onboarding processes to see where a quiz could work for you and your clients.

4. Increase engagement in your digital products

We've talked about selling your products, but what happens once a customer has bought? When it comes to digital products, you can use quizzes to make them even more engaging and useful for your audience. Maker & Moxie's first quiz, which I'll explain in more detail below, is part of our Ultimate Branding Checklist product. It helps customers figure out which part of their brand they need to focus on, which corresponds to a part of the checklist to make it more effective and easer to use for where they're at right now. Whether you're selling a template, resources, checklist, or other digital product, how could a quiz make it more effective for your audience?

5. Make your teaching more interactive

Last but not least, quizzes are the perfect way to make your educational content more interactive. Whether you run a membership, create courses, host a mastermind, have a podcast, or teach in any other capacity, you can integrate quizzes into your curriculum. These are a fab way to help your students retain information, test their knowledge, audit where they're at, and more.

How Maker & Moxie currently uses a quiz

To give you an example of a quiz in action, let's take a look at Maker & Moxie's first quiz!

The Creative Brand Check-In is part of our Ultimate Branding Checklist product. If you purchase any of the paid packages of the checklist, you get access to this quiz which will tell you where your brand is at and what to focus on right now to help you move forward. The results from the quiz correspond with the sections of the checklist, so customers can focus on the tasks in that section that will be most effective for the phase they're in!

For example, a creative business owner takes the quiz and it tells them that they're ready to Evoke their brand. This means that they've got the basic foundations of their brand sorted, and they should be focused on communicating those via colour palettes, messaging, logos, imagery, etc. The checklist has an "Evoke" section that will show them everything they need to do to Evoke their brand, explains what all of those things are, and gives resources and examples for each one. That way they know exactly where they're at, what to focus on, what tasks to complete, and how to do them!

This then connects with our ConvertKit account, and tags the creative with their results, adding them to an evergreen newsletter that has weekly emails relating to that phase of branding. So they get even more useful, relevant information that'll help them work on their brand!

So we're using this quiz as a way to elevate the experience of our digital product, deliver personalised resources, and nurture our clients! Pretty cool, aye?!

Ready to try a quiz to grow your creative biz?

If you're keen to give a quiz a go, we recommend using our fav quiz-making tool, Interact! With over 150 quiz templates to get you started, a free quiz-making course to show you the ropes, a complementary community of other quizzing creatives, integrations with the tools you already use and love, social media templates for promoting your quiz, and so much more, it's the easiest, best way to get started on your quiz-making adventure.

Once I knew what I wanted my quiz to do, I browsed the templates, popped in my questions and results, connected it to ConvertKit, and had a working quiz in less than an hour! Easy, effective, and a heck of a lot of fun to put together.

Keen to quiz? Find out which quiz is best for your biz and get started here!

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October 13, 2022

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