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The 15 Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Logo

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So, you have a logo, but what now? Let’s take a look at all of the ways that you can use that baby to make the most of your new identity!

There are an infinite number of places that you could put your new logo, but the point isn’t to just slap it everywhere for the sake of it. That’s overkill and doesn’t serve a purpose. Instead, be intentional with your logo and where you put it, and put a bit of thought into how it’s done. Rather than being overwhelmed with all of the possibilities, these 15 cover the best places that you can use your logo to get started.


The first place most people think to pop their logo is on their social media profiles and that’s a great place to start. Doing this consistently across all of the platforms that you use will instantly refresh your brand and help keep everything cohesive. Here’s a quick list of profiles to check and make sure you have updated:


Your website is your home on the internet so this is a key place to pop your new logo. You may end up placing it in multiple spots on your site, but the two main ones to cover are the header and footer.


One spot that is easily forgotten is your favicon. This is the tiny logo that sits next to the page name in a browser tab. It’s only little but it makes a big difference. Choose the simplest version of your logo and pop it as your favicon so that all those people with a million tabs open at once can spot yours with no trouble!


If you’re anything like me, you will probably send a lot of emails to clients, customers, and collaborators, so having your logo in your email is a no-brainer! Update your email account profile photo to your logo so that it shows up in people’s inboxes, and pop it in your email signature to sign off your emails in style.


Email marketing is one of the biggest ways to gain traction at the moment, so make the most of this by adding your logo to newsletter templates, email broadcasts and any related touchpoints.


If your business is or has an app, make it shine on your customers’ homepages with a brand new app icon. Keep it simple, strong and able to stand out so that users can easily identify your app and get going!


Whether you’re doing client presentations, a pitch deck for investors, webinars for potential customers, product demonstrations or any other type of presentation, use your logo throughout to keep it on brand and mark it as your content. In my client presentations, I use a full version of my logo at the beginning, an icon version in the bottom left of every page, and the icon version again on the thank you page at the end.


You likely have some sort of documentation in your business, whether that be contracts, invoices, letters, proposals, plans, or any other similar items. These are super easy to brand and make your mark on with a simple logo on the cover, at the top, or in the footer of your documents.


First impressions count, and when you meet someone, the first visual representation of your brand that they encounter is usually your business card, so lets make it the best it can be. With your logo front and center and your details alongside it, that first impression will be a winner!


Alongside business cards, there are a range of other printed collateral that you might use to promote your brand. These could be postcards, brochures, posters, discount cards, information packets, pricing guides and more. Putting your logo on these will align them with your brand and maintain consistency across all of your items.


You’ve probably seen big corporate businesses doing this, but it’s not just for them! Promotional merchandise like mugs, pens, pins, sticker, badges, lanyards and a hundred other potential items with your logo on them make amazing giveaways, client gifts, and things for you and your team to use and rep!


Speaking of things you can rep, apparel is often a big one that can utilise your logo really well. Whether you have a uniform or just want to rock a cool t shirt or hat or other item of clothing, you can pop your logo on it so that people know who you are!


If your business sells physical products, adding your logo to them is a no-brainer. Take a look at all of the products that you own – there’s likely a logo on it somewhere! I’m sitting at my desk now and almost everything has a logo stamped, printed or embroidered on it. Let people know who made your amazing product on the packaging and the product itself.


For businesses with a physical location, or even those who sell at markets, you’re going to need some branded signage so that people know where to find you and that they’re in the right place when they do! Windows, neon signs, chalkboards, pull-up banners and footpath signs are just a few methods of signage that you can pop your logo onto.


Last but not least, whether you have a company vehicle or a personal one, adding your logo can in turn add business! Promoting your business while your run errands, zoom between meetings or make deliveries is multitasking at its best. You never know who will see your logo and look you up!

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January 29, 2019



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