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Brand strategy Services

Unlock your moxie!

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want clarity?

Brand Strategy

Your custom brand roadmap for building a business you love. It’s 1:1 and all done for you - you, me, and your brand are gonna get real close!

Suss out a strategy
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want direction?

Brand Chat

Need an expert opinion? A refocus? A fresh perspective? I'm here to help. Let's get together for a power hour and put together an action plan to boost your brand.

Boost your brand
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want confidence?

Brand Coaching

Uplevel your brand, unleash your creativity, & unlock your potential in business with three months of strategy, accountability, and cheerleading to make it happen.

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or, join the brand strategy mastermind!

The waitlist for Map Your Brand Magic is open now! Join 4 fellow creatives for an 8 week brand strategy experience where we'll craft a strategic map to finding and sharing your creative magic with the world.

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sound good?

Here’s how it works!

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First, we meet!

It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship! We get to know you, your biz and all your glorious goals, & make a plan together!

Uncovering your excellence!

Every project starts with strategy where we clarify your brand & build a roadmap to achieving your dreams!

Let's get visual, visual!

If we have the pleasure of making your newly-clarified vision visual, it's time for logos, colours, fonts, oh my!

Action stations!

Finally, we'll put a plan in place to implement your brand new brand and keep it running silky smooth with our support.

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Discover what makes your creative brand brilliant and bold.

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Find your people, your design identity, your voice, and your visual vibe.

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Apply this wondrous creation across your business

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and put an action plan in place to keep it all running silky smooth.

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the Magic words!

Client Love

"If you're thinking of working with Hollie, I only have one piece of advice: DO IT!"

– Alex Hawkhead

Magic truly is the best word to describe what Hollie does!! She’ll help you find that one thing you can’t stop smiling about as you’re talking through your brand. I feel so confident in what I want and who I am now!

– Lily Warring

"Hollie will inject you with all kinds of amazing energy and positivity, and cheerlead you the whole way. I cannot recommend working with Hollie enough, she’s fantastic."

– Pepper Raccoon

"Hollie's resources are just so kickass and have really provided me with the motivation to actually get shit done!"

– Louise Beryl

"Working with Hollie has changed the course of my business forever"

– Amie Finlayson

It was so nice feeling understood and just talking to someone who knew the right questions to ask to make me think about what I actually wanted. I left  with so much clarity!

– Jewelia Howard

Working with Hollie was like someone gently taking your hand and guiding you back to the core of your vision. She's organized, thoughtful, & asks the questions that make you stop & re-start on a more aligned branding path.

– Geri Paige

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