Frankly Write

A Rebel for All the Right Reasons

Meet Rachel!

Rachel is the founder of Frankly Write, an existing biz that came to us as a copywriting company in need of some direction. Rachel and the team were growing and changing (so exciting!!), but they wanted to get clear on their essence, so they could make sure that that essence would stay just as magical as it was as they evolved, and Frankly Write would stay true to itself. Losing your sparkle, passion, and energy can easily happen as things grow and change, so Rachel wanted a solid foundation in place that would let her and her team confidently & consistently show up and stand out. That's where brand strategy comes in.

"Frankly Write was, really, like an awkward teenager. She'd grown up and I didn't know what to do with her. I was unsure how to both brand in a way that said "look, I know what I'm going" and keep the essence of Frankly Write true. Did I even know what the essence was anymore? Turns out I did and I needed Hollie, *needed* her, to help pull it out and make it all cohesive." – Rachel

Custom Clarity

Before we launched into the brand strategy process, we sat down with Rachel for a 60-minute kick-off call. This session let us understand Rachel's goals both for Frankly Write, and for the branding process itself, and give us an insight into the past, present, and future of the business. AKA. We wanted to get to know Frankly Write, Rachel, and her team, so that we could get them all the best results. With this info in hand, we can customise the strategy process to suit the client we're working with and work towards achieving their specific goals. Which is exactly what we did here.

Rachel & Hollie's Kick-Off Call

We put together a plan for our strategy workshop, and sent Rachel off with some homework to gather any existing info, data, insights, and thoughts about her brand, so that we could come together armed with everything we needed!

Then came the custom brand strategy workshop! This 3-hour session was crafted specifically with Frankly Write in mind, covering topics, questions, and information that we need to know in order to achieve Rachel's goals (which we got from our kickoff sesh!)

Workshop slides!
Rachel & Hollie workshopping together on the strategy call in Miro
"It's been increeeedible. It was exactly what I needed to guide the business into a new year, and move forward confidently after a big season of growth. I was, really, like an awkward teenager, unsure how to brand and keep the essence of Frankly Write true. Did I even know what the essence was? Well, yup. I did. And I needed Hollie, NEEDED her, to help pull it out and get it cohesive in my mind. Like I said, incredible." – Rachel

Found that special something!

Through the brand strategy process, we uncovered that what made Frankly Write different were three core things:

  1. Their strategic, brand voice-led approach to copywriting
  2. Their belief in the power of words to make a difference
  3. Their hilarious, rebellious, no-holds-barred personality & voice

We recommended that Rachel pivot from being a copywriter into a brand voice strategist, and position Frankly Write as the studio that helps mission-led businesses sound good so they can do good! We wanted Frankly Write to be known as a rebel for all the right reasons.

Slide from Frankly Write's Brand Strategy

Brand copy for the copywriter

Branding is just as much about the words you use as the fonts you use to say them.

That’s why they’re a HUGE part of the brand strategies we write.

We're not just helping you find what you do, we're helping you find the words to share that with the world. We're not just helping you uncover your brand story, we're helping you TELL that story. We're not just helping you reach your audience, we're helping you speak to them with powerful, intentional words.

Because sometimes you know in your heart what you want to say, you just can’t quite find the words to say it. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. But luckily for you, this gal has got a bird’s eye view

Even Rachel, who is THE most incredible copywriter of all time left comments on her brand strategy that said:

🥰 “This is so simple, and so powerful. Why didn't I think of it?!!! You are magiccccc.”

🥰 “This little sentence made me BAWL my eyes out. It's perfection.”

🥰 “HAHAHA this is correct, and I stand by it. Another perfect sentence.”

Powerful. Magic. Perfection. That’s what we want you to feel about your brand.

So, when we work together, not only do you get the strategy you need to build a unique, aligned, and adored brand, but you get the words you need to put that strategy into action and share it with the world. You can even just lift the words from the page and plop ‘em on your website, in your emails, or under your Insta posts – they’re that magical, and they’re all yours.

"I am forever grateful. Working on your brand, whilst inside your own brand, is the hardest thing. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else. Thank you for helping me take the awkward tween Frankly Write and turning her into the beauty she's becoming 🖤" – Rachel
Slide from Frankly Write's Brand Strategy

"I'm so proud of the final strategy document, it's Frankly Write on paper and I keep referring to it for everything (branding, business decisions, just to stare at it etc). The entire process was great, Hollie's positivity and heart for the creative spirit of FW was exactly what I needed. 11/10, 5 gold stars." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Rachel

What next?

Since working with us on their brand strategy, Frankly Write engaged The Go To Gal to then create a visual identity to match the new strategy. Their website, social media platforms, and more, have all been updated in line with Rachel's brand, both strategically and visually.

Frankly Write's new website
Frankly Write's updated Instagram

And Rachel's thoughts?

"Can I say all of it was my favourite?? ALL OF IT! In reality though, getting that final document. I cried, tears of joy. It was perfect. It was everything I knew Frankly Write was, and had been unable to see because I was far too close to be able to sum it up. It was perfection." – Rachel