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Thornwood Parfum

Finding the Power of Perfume

Meet Nick & Pablo

Nick & Pablo came to us with a goal: create a company that sells unisex perfume products that are driven by storytelling. They had a dream, but needed help to figure out how to make that dream a reality. And that's where we came in!

Nick, Pablo, and Hollie met for a 60-minute kickoff call to understand the goals of the project and customise a strategy workshop that would make those dreams happen. Then they dove in for 3 hours via Zoom to uncover the core of the brand, from vision to philosophy to customers and more.

"Working with Hollie was a real eye opening experience. She encouraged us to take risks and explore our brand in ways that we always wanted to, but were too afraid to broach – Nick & Pablo"

The power of perfume

Through the strategy process, we discovered that at the core of Thornwood is their approach to the scent-making process, and their belief in the power of perfume. This is outlined in the strategy and feeds into everything that Thornwood does.

The importance of language and lore

With Nick's experience as a narrative designer, and Thornwood's focus on story, it was important that language and lore be a big part of the brand's strategy. Together we outlined exactly how the brand should speak to different people in different situations to really establish and uphold the world of Thornwood. The brand would put it's customers at the centre of the story, each working together towards a common goal, and would use language to guide them through that experience, from discovering the world, to diving in, and becoming fully immersed in the Thornwood universe.

Copy that calls the adventurers

Since language is such a core part of the Thornwood brand, we made sure to write some compelling copy that would call in their ideal customers and create a sense of atmosphere. We not only wrote copy that has since been applied across the brand, but provided guidelines and wordbanks for the Thornwood team to use in writing their own copy too.

A picture's worth a thousand words

And of course, it's not just about the copy, it's about the visuals, especially for a product-based business that needs to stand out online and in-person, and create insta-worthy packaging experiences! So we recommended a visual direction based on a modern mythical approach – taking traditional, mythical elements and adding a modern twist!

"With the strategy Hollie designed, our days have become  more about aligning what we do with our grand vision, rather than simply feeling around in the dark, hoping we get something right." – Nick & Pablo

Action stations

Once the strategy was delivered, it was time to implement, with our support of course. So far, we've consulted on the logo design, packaging choices, Patreon setup, website design, copywriting and more. And there's more to come!

"In the end, we received such a clear vision on our brand identity, that it has made the development process of our products and socials a much more streamlined experience." – Nick & Pablo

What's next?

Thornwood's products are currently in production, so while we eagerly await their arrival, we're sussing out the design details, planning promotions, and so much more! So watch this space and follow the adventure @thornwoodparfum!

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